Ranka castle, manor (Ramkau) was built in mid 18th century – later expanded. Bigger restauration took place in 1836 to 1866 – when the facades and interior were designed according to the classic style. After World War II, when only ruins of the castle were left, the castle was given to the needs of the school of agriculture, which tried to restore the building, but in 1986 and in 1990, after two fires, the castle was destroyed.

The territory includes a beautiful oak tree alley, three ponds between the buildings. Around the former Ranka manor lays a beautiful park with the area of 6.4 hectares. In the park trees grow following – maple, oak, elm, asp, rowan, walnut.

The oldest written information about Ranka castle is saved since 1528, when the archbishop of Riga gave it to his councilor Rozen. Later, during 1670, the queen of Sweden gave the castle to colonel Arrow fon Holshtein, but later his son sold the castle. Since mid 18th century til 19th century 30ths – the castle had several tenants, when in 1836, baron Mejerdorf bought the castle and lived there until the land reform 20ths.

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